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We like food because we need it to keep our body functioning and full of energy. But food that we love is not usually good for our health. However, the food we do not love, such as spinach and liver, is good for our body. Moreover the more we are growing, the more we love the repulsive food. We prefer food naturally sweet and fat because we crave these tastes. They are addictive drugs like cocaine. Even there is research that our body part know well which food are good to eat; sweetness can block out pain.


Eating habits in Japan have been changing for several decades. Our typical meal is fish, several vegetables, miso soup and rice. Three times a day we eat that kind of menu. But recently, our eating style is changing to a more Western style, where bread, steak and potatoes are replacing rice, fish, and miso soup The traditional Japanese menu does not contain much fat compared with a Western style menu, which would explain the increase of certain diseases in Japan, like cancer, due to changes of eating habits.


Interesting enough, Western people believe that Japanese food is very healthy. But what they don’t know is that the traditional Japanese menu contains more than enough salt. For example, we eat often “Tsukemono” with rice, a very good vegetable combination that is not at all a fat food. However, “Tsukemono” is a salted food, as well as miso soup and other meals. Furthermore, some fat does exist on the menu, such as “Toro” of Sashimi, which is the fatty part of Tuna. Sashimi seems healthy but surprisingly, “Toro” is one of the fattest foods. The problem is that it is so delicious we can’t stop eating it.


Generally, Japanese people do not eat dessert after meal. We do have typical Japanese sweets, but we take these with green tea. But most Japanese dishes are prepared sweet in taste, so when you eat them, they already contain sugar!


Certainly, it is true that our diet is not too fatty. And in terms of low quantities of sugar and salt, the Japanese diet remains one of the most delicious and healthy in the world!!!