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Halves – Of Bread and People A half of something is about 50% of it. So, if you are hungry, and there is a loaf of bread, you would probably like to eat it. Still, half a loaf is quite a bit.


An English expression is half a loaf is better than none. If you are with a friend and you share something, you might say go halves on something. For example, let’s go halves on a pizza.


We usually don’t talk about people and halves. Half a person sounds like what happens after a terrible accident.


Have you heard the story of King Solomon and the baby? Solomon was a king about 3,000 years ago.


One day two women claimed that they were the mother of the same baby. Nobody knew what to do. Because people knew that King Solomon was a wise man, the two mothers asked the king to decide which woman was the true mother.


To Solomon, it was simple. Both women claimed the baby, so they could each have half. Let’s cut the baby in half. One woman was ready to take her half, but the other woman didn’t want to have half a baby. She didn’t want the baby to be cut in half. Solomon decided she was the true mother because a true mother would not want to kill her baby.


So, before you start to talk about half a person, remember King Solomon and the baby. Perhaps you can think of better words to express the situation.


Here are some examples:
Tom’s father is from France, and his mother is from Russia.
She is Armenian on her mother’s side.
Her mother is Greek.
He is an Arab-American.