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People who don’t speak English


This page is not about Japanese people who don’t speak English. The page is about European, Latin, and other people in Japan who do not look like native speakers of Japanese. While many of these people in Japan do speak English, some do not. Some of them speak Japanese.


Many English speaking visitors to Japan are quite happy when they meet someone English speaking. They may enjoy your speaking to them in English. In contrast, many long-term Japan residents may tire of meeting people who come up to them out of the blue, greet them like a long lost friend, and start to talk as if they know them even when they have never met before.


However, this page is about people who are not English speakers and do not speak English. Imagine how tired and bored they must be of everyone speaking to them in English. European-looking people who do not speak English do exist. English may be the international language, but not everyone speaks it. We are not sure how to address this problem but we would like to point it out. We would like you to remember that not everyone speaks English.