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Homestays in North America


The top ten homestay list


1. Always lock the bathroom door.
North Americans do not knock!


2. Don’t say yes if you don’t understand
If you do not understand, asking for someone to explain is much better than saying yes. If you say yes, you might find you have just agreed to running a marathon.


3. Help yourself if you are hungry means to eat more
Look at the number of large people in North America and don’t eat too much though!


4. If there are major problems, leave!
Most host families are perfectly nice and things should go well. There may be some communication problems, but that is to be expected. However if you are that one in a hundred or one in a thousand in the wrong host family, don’t be patient and stay. Leave!


5. If you don’t understand, say so!
You could say, “I’m sorry, but I don’t understand.”


6. A host family is not your hotel family
Help the family by cleaning, washing the dishes, or walking the dog. Ask what you could do to help.


7. Try to find opportunities to talk with people
Hint: Often, younger children and older people have more time to talk or do things.


8. Remember hot water limitations.
Most hot water comes out of hot water heaters. That means that people shower at different times and usually do not take really long showers. Ask your host family how long is okay.


9. Don’t go in your room and hide.
Your English won’t get better and you won’t get used to things. You may need some time to adjust to your homestay family. Be patient with yourself. Sometimes change is difficult.


10. Don’t say you like food if you don’t.
Your host family may give you the same food everyday because they think it is your favorite.