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Grammar and pronunciation: Street entertainer



Present continuous tense
The present continuous tense is used for something happening at this very moment.


Question: What are you doing now?
Answer: I am reading Aaron Teaches.


Question: What is Chet doing?
Answer 1: Chet is waiting for a lull in the traffic.
Answer 2: Chet is positioning himself inside his hula hoop.

Answer 3: Chet is spinning around inside his hula hoop.


These six sentences use the present continuous tense.
(1) I am watching Chet.
(2) You are looking at Chet.
(3) She is wondering how Chet learned to spin inside a hula hoop.
(4) We are thinking about asking Chet how he learned to spin like that.
(5) You are giving Chet a dollar.
(6) They are taking photos of Chet.


Linking words


Notice when you read this: I am watching Chet.
You hear this: I’m wacheenChet.


Notice when you read this: They are taking photos of Chet.
You hear this: There takeen fotozof Chet.


I am linking words. Suppose you repeat these two sentences:
1. I am watching Chet.
2. They are taking photos of Chet.


Your pronunciation
Next record your pronunciation and compare your pronunciation with mine. If your pronunciation is the same or almost the same as mine, congratulations. If your pronunciation is not the same, keep trying. If you need help, let us know. We are here to help.