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  • A driver’s license
    A driver’s license is not mentioned on a resume. If I had a special license for truck driving or bus driving and if I were looking for a job driving, I would probably mention my license in my resume. Otherwise, a license is not relevant to my resume; it is not a qualification.
  • Word processed
    A resume should be word processed. A handwritten resume would be inappropriate.
  • Information separation
    Personal information is not included on English resumes. Such information includes age, height, weight, marital status, and number of children. In the United States, personal and family information is considered private and personal.
  • Education
    After we graduate from college, the educational section of our resume normally ends with college. We write the additional information in reverse chronological order. That is, the most recent education experience is first. If we have a college degree, we do not include information about high school.
  • Education dates
    For education, the dates for starting and leaving each school are normally not written. We only put the date of our degree on our resumes along with the name of the degree.
  • Photographs
    Pictures on resumes are inappropriate. In the United States, employers are not allowed to ask for pictures. The assumption is that candidates will be judged more for their appearance and less for their work qualifications.
  • Resume forms
    We do not have forms for resumes. We need to decide the format ourselves.
  • Truth certification
    We do not certify in writing that our resume is the truth. If prospective employers want to confirm that the resume is a truthful one, they may check references.
  • Previous companies
    While prospective employers may be interested in your previous employers, they are more interested in knowing what kind of work you did.
  • Dated resumes
    Resumes do not include dates. Prospective employers do not normally keep resumes for very long, so there is no need to date them.
  • Signed resumes
    Resumes are not signed. Generally resumes are sent via email. Sometimes they are sent snail mail with signed cover letters.
  • Special skills and qualifications
    While we will probably note special skills and qualifications on our resumes if we have any, licenses and qualifications in areas that may be totally irrelevant to employment are generally excluded. Japanese employers appear to like knowing about such special skills and qualifications.
  • Specific positions
    In the United States, generally people apply for a specific position. In a resume, we have a goal, which we often state on our resumes, while Japanese do not state such a goal. It appears that Japanese apply to work for a company, not to do something specific in a company.