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This miniature sailboat is moving gently around the lake. The day is sunny and peaceful, and the water in the lake is moving gently. In contrast, the littered east end of the lake is not moving. This is litter that we humans carelessly discard. We discard cups from the latte we drink; we discard cigarette butts; we discard plastic bags. Now maybe you put all your trash into the garbage. Maybe the wind takes your trash and morphs it into litter.








Litter: trash on the sidewalk, street and other places where it should not be
Miniature: small, tiny, mini
Contrast: difference
In contrast: an idiomatic expression meaning on the other hand
Discard: throw away, abandon
Morphs: changes



Words and phrases that you just heard
To assure you
New phenomenon
Littering for thousands
Governments address
Culprits are food wrappers
Mechanical sweepers
Debris every year