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This couple was waiting to get their car. It had just been serviced. I talked with the woman when her partner went to get the car. She told me how shy she was. She had a slight accent. I didn’t have the time to listen carefully as our conversation was short. Between her accent and her mannerisms, combined with the cigarette, I think she was French. I love this picture. Were it not for the cigarette, the picture would be perfect.



Serviced: Taken care of. The car has had a tune-up. It has been taken care of.
Partner: Your romantic interest who you normally live with. Partner is gender free and does not contain any marital information. Still, if someone says, this is my partner, I assume they are not married.


We have listed some of the words here in case you hear them, can’t catch them, and want to know how they are spelled. You may want to look some of these up in the dictionary too.




New words
Are these new words? We think they are relatively new. You can see how they were made below. Adding prefixes is one way we make new words.


Unlearning: un + learning (the opposite of learning)
Doable: do + able (able to do)