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My lunch




This is what I had for lunch, a hummus sandwich. I know you do not see the sandwich. That’s because this is an open faced sandwich. The bottom piece of bread is there but the top is not. Hence, the sandwich is called open faced. At the bottom is a piece of brown bread. On top of the bread is a layer of hummus. On top of the hummus are cucumbers, avocadoes and tomatoes. On the side is quinoa with greenery.



Hummus: a spread made from chickpeas, olive oil and garlic
Open faced sandwich: a sandwich with the bottom slice of bread but without a top slice
Brown: in this context, whole grain
Quinoa: a grain similar to rice
Greenery: in this context, raw green vegetables such as lettuce, arugula and parley



Words and phrases that you just heard
Quinoa is a relatively
Colombia and Peru
Essential amino acids
A complete protein source
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