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(1) Jay is sketching.
(2) Jay’s sketching.


What’s the difference between these two sentences?


Both sentences have the same meaning, but sentence 1 is formal, and sentence 2 is informal. Sentence 1 is for formal speeches and formal writing. Sentence 2 is for informal conversation and informal writing.



The pronunciation for these two sentences is not the same. Listen and notice the difference.


Jay is sketching.
Jay’s sketching.


Did you hear the difference?


Jay is sketching sounds like this: Ja iz ske cheen.
Jay’s sketching sounds like this: Jaz ske cheen.


The S in ‘is’ and ‘Jay’s’ is not a Z, but the pronunciation is a Z sound.


Your turn to practice your pronunciation


Try these examples:


1. She goes swimming.
2. He’s a runner.
3. This is a rose.


Record your pronunciation and compare your pronunciation with mine. If your pronunciation is the same or almost the same as mine, congratulations. If your pronunciation is not the same, keep trying.