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おススメの洋書 英語力アップのために


I Thought my Father was God は、どんな英語の本でしょうか?次の説明を聞くと、きっとこの本に関心をもたれると思います。


アメリカの有名な作家、 Paul Auster がまとめた本です。彼が、ラジオのリスナーから送られた 5000 にも及ぶ各人の人生に纏わる実話の中から、最もすぐれた作品をいくつか収録しました。





Reading Recommendation


Here’s a reading suggestion: I Thought my Father was God


Are you familiar with Paul Auster? If not, he’s a well-known American writer.


Briefly, here’s how this book developed. Mr. Auster suggested that people listening to a public radio station program send him stories about their lives, short stories. The stories had to be true. Unexpectedly, he received about 5,000 stories. He selected some that he thought best and put them in a book, I thought my Father was God.


The stories are sad, happy, funny, ironic, and poignant. The writers are Americans writing about love, romance, childhood, war, home, friendships, coincidences, family, death, and life in the United States. Reading the stories might stimulate your thinking, enlarge your vocabulary, and enrich your database of collocations and grammatical structures. You’ll meet Americans who may be very different from you, and you’ll meet Americans who may be not so different. Plus, we think you’ll enjoy the stories.


What is surprising is how well and how interestingly non-writers write.


Let us at Aaron know if you decide to get the book and what you think.