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How to study reading 英文を読む




Read every day
Yes, we give the same advice on every study page. Regular study makes you improve.


Read something interesting Yes, we give the same advice on many of our pages. What are you going to read more of? Something interesting or something boring?


Do extensive reading
This means things you can read without much effort and without a dictionary. This kind of reading helps your reading fluency and grammar skills. You need to read easy things to internalize language.


Do some intensive reading
Intensive reading is reading that takes more work and a dictionary. However, dictionaries take time. Instead, try reading on the Internet. Open two windows, one for reading and one for your dictionary. When you find words you don’t know, just drag and drop in the dictionary. Quick, isn’t it?


5. Keep reading
Yes, reading takes time. We have to practice to get better at something. You need to read every day, and your reading will get better. Please note that reading more will also help your listening and speaking. You will hear some of the words you read. You can use them when you speak too.


Good luck!