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Being a good writer: two hats



Imagine you have two hats next to your computer. Suppose one hat is red with tiny yellow pens, orange pencils, and blue bookmarks on it. The red hat is your writing hat. Your first name is embroidered on the top of the hat, and after your name is the word writer.


When you wear your red writer’s hat, you are a writer. Your writing skills are numerous:

you have imagination
you are able to analyze
you have experience
you are able to link one idea to another
you are able to introduce your topic
you are able to conclude your writing
you are able to summarize
you are able to give examples

Now, imagine another hat. The second hat is blue with tiny red commas, green question marks, green light bulbs, and brown exclamation marks on it. The blue hat is your editor’s hat. Your name is embroidered on the top of the hat, and after your name is the word editor.


When you wear your blue hat, you are an editor. Your editing skills are numerous:
knowing where periods, commas, and all other punctuation marks belong
knowing where sentences begin and end
knowing which words require capitalization
knowing where to start and end paragraphs
knowing spelling and knowing to use a spell checker
knowing to use a varied vocabulary
knowing to use a variety of sentence lengths


Working to keep the two skillsets separate, writing and editing, will help you to become a better writer.


Good luck!