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おそらく、多くの日本人は The store will be closed until Monday. のようにuntilを使って翻訳するのではないでしょうか? それでは、Aaronのアドバイスを見てみましょう。

Barking dogs, safe grammar, and until


When you were small, did you go for walks with your mother or father? Was there any place that you didn’t want to go? Was there a house with a dog that barked or something else that scared you?


If there was, you may have selected another way to walk, avoiding the problem. In fancy teacher talk, this is called error avoidance. For example, if I know that the word ‘まで’ in Japanese can cause confusion when it is translated into ‘until’ in English, I can avoid it. This will help me to avoid any possible mistakes.


‘まで’ is used fairly widely in Japanese. Let’s take a look at some English sentences that could have been translated from Japanese sentences that used ‘まで.’ At the same time, let’s see how they could be better said in English.


I need it until Friday.
In English, I would probably say, “I need it by Friday.”


The store will be closed until Monday. (This is the incorrect translation of the Japanese sentence in the example above.)
I would probably say, “The store will open on Tuesday.”


Forgetting about Japanese, the store will be closed until Monday has a different meaning. It means that the store will open on Monday.


Be careful when you translate ‘まで’ into ‘until.’ ‘まで’ and ‘until’ are not always used in English the same way.