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Our appendages

We humans have a number of appendages that our ancestors did not. Our ancestors probably carried tools for digging and scraping. Their tools, like ours, were probably their appendages. Our appendages are cameras and cell phones. Today seems like a day when everyone is carrying their appendages.




Appendages: things that we carry that seem a part of us
Ancestors: people who lived long ago
Digging: cutting into the earth for an item such as a root or fruit
Scraping: removing the surface of an item


Words and phrases you just heard
An ESL exercise
Take everything out
Make sure you know
Glasses in a case
Wallet with credit cards, driver’s license
Nail file
Spiral notebook
Business cards

Happy New Year


We at Aaron Coaches would like to wish you all things good for 2012. We hope that 2017 is a happy, productive, healthy, fun year for you. We hope that the world economy improves; we hope for more peace and less war between people and between countries; we hope for a world that is kinder and more tolerant. And closer to home, we hope you continue to improve your English with us.




Productive: making or doing something
Tolerant: open-minded, accept other perspectives


Words and phrases you just heard
People in the
A picnic and maybe a barbeque
New Year’s holidays usually mean
Enjoy the holidays

City backyards


If you live in San Francisco, you might have a city backyard like this one. You might have a small pond under a fruit tree. Ferns and rocks surround the pond. You might have a brick walkway leading to the pond and potted plants might dot the walkway. Plus you might have a gate under a wooden arch, just a small arch. This is a lovely city backyard.






Backyards: area behind a house or apartment
Ferns: green plants
Surround: around
Walkway: a path
Potted plants: plants growing in pots
Dot: a few along the path
Arch: a curved entry way



Words and phrases that you just heard
For a city
Not about parks
Trees and greenery
I sometimes wonder
Walk on sidewalks
Link us to other living creatures
Unnatural environments

Welcome to Napa! 4


Aaronの米国ディレクター、Inda S. Shirleyから最新のNapa情報No.4です。


Grapes growing in a vineyard.




Flowers in front of a fence.




The Domaine Carneros winery. Here you can sample wines, caviar, and artisan cheeses.




This is the Darioush Winery. If you want to sample the wines, and this seems cute to me, you ask for a “flight.” At Darioush that means you’ll be served you’ll be served five small glasses, each with a different kind of wine.




Outdoor wine tasting at Domaine Carneros.




Vineyards in the Napa Valley.




Greenery in the Napa Valley.




Trees in the Napa Valley.




More vineyards in the Napa Valley.




The Domaine Carneros winery.




More vineyards in the Napa Valley.




Eating ice cream in Yountville.




Relaxing on the grass in Yountville




Welcome to Napa! 3


Aaronの米国ディレクター、Inda S. Shirleyから最新のNapa情報No.3です。


Sampling wines at a winery.




This is a Benny Bufano sculpture in front of the Robert Modavi Winery in Napa Valley.




This is the Darioush Winery, which looks like an Egyptian palace.




A Napa cottage, which is just another way of saying a small house.




You may be wondering what a caboose is. That’s the last car on a train.









Welcome to Napa! 2


Aaronの米国ディレクター、Inda S. Shirleyから最新のNapa情報No.2です。



A park close to downtown Napa.




Children playing in the park.



Mexican American men at lunch time in the park. Napa has a large Mexican American population. If you go walking in Napa, you’ll often hear people speaking Spanish.




A yard sale. Suppose you have a lot of things you no longer use. That’s when you put up a sign, Yard Sale. Other people stop, look at your things and maybe, buy something.




Flowers growing around a picket fence in Napa.




Grapes growing in a Napa Valley vineyard.




More flowers in Napa.




Sampling wines at a winery.



Welcome to Napa!


Aaronの米国ディレクター、Inda S. Shirleyから最新のNapa情報が届きました。



Napa Valley is an ideal spot for recreation, fun, and wineries. Napa is about a two hour drive from San Francisco. You have to cross the Golden Gate Bridge, and then drive for about an hour or so to get to Napa.





Where would you like to go first?




Roses bloom just about everywhere in the valley.




Homes are surrounded by all kinds of flowers and often, white picket fences.




Outdoor cafes dot the centers of the cities and small towns. People enjoy a casual outdoor feeling on a summer day.




Cottages in Napa, which is the biggest city in the county of Napa, are often more than 90 years old, which usually increases their valuable. Napa is a relatively young city. The city of Napa was laid out in 1847. By 1854 Napa had 40 buildings, most of which were rugged and built of wood. The streets were dirt, but the town was growing. By the early 1870s 7,000 people lived in Napa. The first vineyard was established in 1836. Today the Napa Valley has approximately 300 wineries, and the population is about 77,000.




Here people are sampling wine in the Napa Valley. Notice the huge redwood trees. They’re probably at least 150 years old.




Wine tasting at a Napa winery. Many of the wineries have tasting rooms where you just drop by and sample the wines.



Shopping in Yountville, which is a small town close to the town of Napa. The French Laundry, the name of a restaurant, is probably one of the best 50 or so restaurants in the world. If you want to eat at the French Laundry, you need to make reservations months and months ahead of time. Plus, you need to be prepared to splurge. You’ll be spending about $300 for one meal at the French Laundry.



More wine tasting.




This table at a winery is waiting for you to come and taste the wines.




Another view of the same winery.




Outdoor eating in Yountville.





Another Napa home. Notice the cupola. Some older Napa homes have cupolas, which add charm and character to these old homes.



Another Napa home, but this one is next to a parking garage. I’ll bet the owners were not happy when the garage was built.