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Utility covers protect gas, power, communication and water, among others, under sidewalks and streets. Most of us never notice these covers. We never think about them. This utility cover is embedded in a downtown San Francisco street, and we did notice this one. You may be asking why. Look at the picture again. I hope you catch the spelling mistake. Photo courtesy of Alexis Perlmutter.


Among others: an expression used to say that other things are included
Embedded: set into something



Words and phrases you just heard
Catching spelling mistakes
You do
Spellcheckers do not
The differences between to (t o)
And pare (p a r e)
Writer’s hat
Think of yourself

Play on Words



“Play on words” means a word or words that has more than one meaning. “I found my sole in San Francisco” is a play on words. Sole could mean the bottom of your feet or your shoes. Or sole could make you think of soul, meaning your spirit or your psyche. The question is what kind of sole you found in San Francisco: The bottom of your feet? Did you walk around the city? Did you buy new shoes? What does sole have to do with barefoot wine?


Play on words: word play, usually has more than one meaning
Spirit: emotions and character
Psyche: emotions and mind



Words and phrases you just heard
You may be wondering
Zinfandel, merlot, and chardonnay
Makes you notice

Introducing Penny Jane



This is Penny Jane. She is one week old. She spends most of her day sleeping and eating and soaking up life around her. She listens and she begins the learning that she will accomplish during her first year of life. And no, that is not Penny Jane’s hair. That’s her mom’s hair.


Spends: uses
Soaking up: taking in, absorbing
Accomplish: achieve, complete, get done



Words and phrases you just heard
Penny Jane
She will have learned
Use her fingers to
That she can pretend
Maybe, crawl




San Francisco is a hugging city. People hug friends, acquaintances and sometimes, strangers. These two people are hugging, but not all cultures are hugging cultures. Some cultures are low-touch. In a low-touch culture, people avoid touching each other. That means minimal hugging.


Hugs: one person embracing another
Low-touch: avoid physical contact
Avoid: not do something
Minimal: small amount of



Words and phrases that you just heard
Hugging cultures and non-hugging cultures
Some kiss, shake
Four different people
Now think of your day
In a hugging culture